Tax Assessment



Why Tax is collected?

Estimated tax imposed to finance:

  • Needs of the construction and maintenance of public infrastructure facilities and infrastructure such as provision of public lighting facilities, boarding buses, bus stops / taxis, public toilets, playing fields, recreation areas, markets, roads, drainage and so forth.
  • Municipal cleaning services in the area of housing / businesses, factories, parks and public places through the services of garbage collection, grass cutting, city beautification and other.
  • Establishment and Operation of a food court, street lights and drainage in the area of focus, all of this is to ensure the welfare of the people, especially residents in the area of Hang Tuah Jaya.


What is Property Tax Assessment?
  • Property Assessment is a tax imposed on all holdings / assets in the administration of the Council on the Annual Value and Annual Rate as provided in Section XV of the Local Government Act 1976.
How Assessment is made?
  • Estimated tax imposed on the annual value and the annual rate
  • The annual value of time is accounted for by the level of rent during the preparation of the valuation list is enforced.
  • The annual rate during the gazette imposed by property type, size and position of wealth building.
Example Count

If a holding has:
Annual Value: RM 2,000.00
Annual Rate: 9.5%

Then,holding property taxes are as follows:
RM 2,000.00 x 9.5/100 = RM 190.00 year
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